Ligovsky City
Multifunctional complex
City of St. Petersburg Frunzensky district, Volkovskaya industrial area
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Number of storeys

10-11 storeys
Total area

800 000 sq.m
About project

The Ligovsky City is a large-scale project realized by Glorax Development company as a part of the industrial areas’ redevelopment program in the historical center of St. Petersburg. The basis of the project is the Volkovskaya industrial area’s development concept, worked out by Dutch urban planners from MLA+ architectural bureau. It was presented at the open contest “St. Petersburg. Transforming the Grey Belt” and was highly evaluated by experts and became one of the three winners.

The Ligovsky City development will be carried out in blocks, all stages will be realized within the unified whole concept, providing for creation of the new environment with modern residential housing, its own infrastructure and complex equipping and landscaping of the area. Two subway stations as well as Borovaya station, which is designed now, will provide good accessibility by transportation means for the projects.

The Ligovsky City’s goal is to give a new life for the location, create a homogeneous social environment for life and recreation of city residents. On the one hand, this is rational use of city spaces, on the other hand, this is conservation of historical heritage and its integration in the today’s urban context. The future residents of the city block will get high-quality space for life, work and recreation within the city boundaries, and the Northern capital city will get a new impetus for development.

City of St. Petersburg Frunzensky district, Volkovskaya industrial area